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How to use customers’ data

Getting started with the Customers page

To visualise your customer database, you need to:

1/ Go to Atlas Merchant Portal (


2/ Click on the hamburger icon to open the left sidebar menu.


3/ Open the Customers page. It should look like this:

Notion image

4/ From here, you can:

  • Navigate using the tabs on the top-left corner to switch between Registered & Guest users
  • Find specific customer with the search bar
  • Help your customers to add a profile for them by clicking on Add customer
  • Download data by clicking Export to CSV
  • Edit customer profiles and add a “Customer tag” for them. This can be used to target specific customers in promo codes and custom dashboards
If your customer database is too big, the download function could take a while or even fail. Reach out to us if that is the case, we will assist you with the download.

Type of customers

Registered users

Registered users are customers that created an account with your restaurant. They will do this for faster online checkouts, and to stay tuned for only-members discounts (go ahead and set one up if you have none yet!).


You can target these customers for your marketing emails/sms, if they have checked the Marketing consent box when signing up.


They will fill up the following information when signing up for an account:

  • Email address — mandatory
  • Contact number — mandatory
  • Name — mandatory
  • Title — optional
  • Date of birth — optional

And you will see the following data from them:

  • Mobile verified: Checks if they’ve confirmed their phone number with an OTP
  • Marketing consent: Checks if customers consent to receiving exclusive discounts, seasonal specials, and latest updates via email.
  • Order count
  • Total spend

To download this data:

1/ Make sure you are on the Registered users tab

2/ Click on Export to CSV

Notion image

A few common use cases here:

  • Import the data into Mailchimp and run your own campaigns. Not on Mailchimp? You might want to try, as we have a native integration with them. Reach out to us to enable it.

Guest users

Guest users are customers that might have entered some of their personal details when checking out, but did not sign up for an account with your restaurant. They will usually do this automatically as part of Apple Pay / Google Pay express checkout, or to receive an email receipt.

You cannot target these customers for your marketing emails/sms.

A Registered user can decide to checkout as a Guest when purchasing from your restaurant (either online or on-premise). This will create a Guest user account for them for that session, and analytics will not be synced with their main registered account.

Channels where Atlas collects data

These are the few channels where we collect data:

Collecting Guest users data
Collecting Registered users data
Atlas Online
Atlas Scan to Order
✅ - if the customer info fields are enabled
✅ - if registered customer login is enabled
Atlas Kiosk
✅ - if the customer info fields are enabled
❌ - not supported at the moment
Atlas POS
✅ - if restaurant staff enters customer data
✅ - if restaurant staff assigns order to registered customer
Atlas Aggregator (Grabfood, Deliveroo & Foodpanda)
🟡 - some guest data might be available if restaurant is handling the delivery
❌ - customer data is not shared by these third-party platforms
Atlas KDS
❌ - NA
❌ - NA
Atlas Dispatch
❌ - NA
❌ - NA